Shark Alley brings you a beautiful collection of original jewellery based on animals and birds and inspired by the beautiful patterns and shapes found in nature. 

All Shark Alley pieces are made in Brighton, UK by designer-maker Sarah Kelly in her tiny studio close to the sea. Sarah trained and worked for many years as an illustrator, with clients including ELLE magazine, Ecover and Oxford University Press, and her work continues to reflect this strong illustrative quality. 

Sarah grew up drawing and crafting endlessly as well as loving wildlife, with many weekends and holidays spent birdwatching and enjoying nature with her family. Her grandfather was a passionate amateur botanist and photographer and his brother Gilbert corresponded with Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain about the bird life in St James's Park during the early years of the Second World War. 

Each animal design is based on Sarah's original drawings, which are carefully refined until the shapes and patterns work together. Shark Alley designs do not conform to fleeting fashions or trends, but seek to produce timeless and beautiful pieces for you to enjoy wearing and using for many years to come. 

And why Shark Alley? 
It is an anagram of Sarah Kelly.